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Hide Project (4ª parte) LI

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Behavioral and physiological biometrics in controlled or private spaces 

"Building sensors in, for example, seats, hats or shirts, allows highly unobtrusive, continuous monitoring and/or authentication of subjects in situations where security stakes are high."

- Os riscos de segurança como vemos actualmente servem de pretexto para haver uma abdicação de liberdades e direitos individuais em prol de mais protecção. Hoje em dia qualquer situação pode ser risco.

"When considering possible issues emerging from such new systems, one needs to take into account that the context described here concerns a working environment where compliance and consent to organisational security and safety policies can be demanded from personnel as a condition of employment."

"Having one’s brain, heart, gestures and movements registered continuously gives a whole new meaning to the notion of ‘worker surveillance’."

Behavioral and physiological biometrics in controlled or private spaces (página 7, no fim)

"When configuring comparable (though obviously diffrently configured) systems for surveilling public places, a rather different picture emerges. Physiological and behavioral parameters are then captured in order to assess all persons present, and ‘filtering out’ those with a particular profile deemed deviant according to a set of predefined norms."

- Gostava de saber quais são os parâmetros para não se ter um comportamento mais esquisito.

"they become the objects of a new kind of physical search that defies many deeply ingrained values concerning bodily integrity, freedom from arbitrary inspection, and consent requirements."

- tornamo-nos um objecto, completamente categorizados e catalogados fisica e psiquicamente.

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"Once a general awareness of the existence of such systems exists among the public, the occurence of anticipatory conformity will be a highly likely consequence: people will check themselves, up to their facial expressions, to avoid being harrassed, which would constitute serious damage to our ideals of a free and open society."

- Este parágrafo descreve na perfeição como poderá ser a nossa adaptação ao sistema biométrico, grotesco na sua mais profunda raiz.

"One may well ask whether there can ever be a legal and ethical justification for filtering out people for further inspection and interviewing based on such intimate bodily parameters. Moreover, the intent to detect mental and emotional states, based on their presumed correlation with these physiological signs, signifies the introduction of a form of privacy invasion of a new dimension altogether, one that will inevitably lead to people having to justify their emotional and mental states."

- Eles mesmo sabem do perigo que consiste a implementação desta merda já que o Hide Project centra-se precisamente nessa barreira que é a privacidade.
Compreendem que quando eles se dão ao trabalho de criar projectos como este, o resultado final será aquele que foi descrito aqui, nestas páginas até agora.

- Ter que justificar qualquer estado mental ou emocional só porque uma máquina assim o entende é algo de verdadeiramente irracional, mesmo para quem se possa estar a cagar para isto.  

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Multi Modality

"Intuitively, the danger of ethical problems is clearly compounded when it is not merely, say, faces that are being scanned, but faces in conjunction with e.g. heartrate, temperature, pupil dilation, gender, gait, voice pitch. The cumulation and combination of many instead of one parameter, increases a sense of total observation, and of people becoming completely transparent to system operators."

"With respect to automated processing, the accumulated set of data allows for more detailed interpretations and extensive profiling as well. This does seem to affect a basic power balance, with citizens becoming increasingly powerless against a ubiquitous, invisible, but hardly infallible, system of control."

- Já estamos sem poder, basta estes senhores desenharem estes projectos e ninguém saber da sua existência para isso acontecer, se isto fosse discutido na praça pública o assunto era arrumado em três tempos.

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